RightJab: Liberal Attack against the Canadian Forces - WITHDRAWN

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Liberal Attack against the Canadian Forces - WITHDRAWN

As some of the people who visit this blog may know, I am a 25 year veteran of the Canadian Forces.

As such, my opinion of the Liberal party is somewhat coloured from being at various times during my career, described by my own government in national newspapers and the CBC, as illiterate, a racist, a neanderthal, a loose cannon, a serial wife beater and worse whenever the mood suited them. I have also been touted as a boy scout with a blue hat, and a poor unfortunate soul not capable of making decisions for myself, and a recipient of Welfare.

None of these slurs, attacks and depictions accurately described me or my peers.

Over 25 years, I endured an almost daily onslaught from the national media, but the recent Liberal Attack Ad (which has been hastily withdrawn mere hours after it was posted on the Liberal Party website) is possibly the last straw.

I am too upset, angry, and disappointed to comment further, so I submit the following post from ProudToBeCanadian

Liberal attack ad WITHDRAWN. Totally and blatently misleading? (sic)

I suspect that after 12 or more years of lying to Canadians and trying in vain to fool them into voting Liberal and fooling and scaring them into being frightened of that scary Stephen Harper and millions of conservatives across our Canada, the Liberals and their liberal-friendly ad firms are now more scared of themselves than anything.

And so they should be. And so we all should be.

In yet another sign of their horrendous panic, they have withdrawn, without explanation, one of their series of 12 new negative attack ads aimed at freaking Canadians out and into voting Liberal. (Freaking Canadians out is clearly the only way Liberals feel they can win).

It’s off their web site now. But not ours!

Click to watch Watch it here!

The ad’s implications are horrendous. Not only is it completely and utterly misleading, it shows YOU, Canadian, what they think of you!

They think YOU’RE utterly stupid.

And they feel as though they must FREAK CANADIANS OUT in order to garner their vote.

This is a party in abject desperation and a campaign in complete disarray.

Here’s a comment I grabbed out of the comments section by one of our regular readers and blog commenters named “odie441”:

I just watched that Liberal ad on CTV with regard to the military. I am one pissed off soldier. I have worn the uniform of my country for 21 years and I defend Canadian democracy every day I put on my uniform. I am sure all the political pundits think it is a cute attack ad but I do not! Right now soldiers are in Afghanistan fighting for the freedom of the Afghan people, extending Canadian values, helping oppressed people, and the Liberals are portraying our military, MY military as people who will go into the cities and suppress freedom. This is utter BS and I didn’t think even the Liberals could sink so low. It is disgusting to even hint that our honourable men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces would suppress freedom in our great democracy. I would gladly give my life to defend my country and our democracy, a great many men and women have. It is obvious the Liberals do not respect those who serve in Canada’s military. I am one disgusted soldier right now. Many of my brethren are turning in their graves because of the negative light the Liberals are portraying the Canadian military in just to score political points!

Well done odie441, just call me RightJab411