RightJab: Stephen Harper's image

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Stephen Harper's image

Inspired by a National Post story

Who is responsible for making Canadians think that Stephen Harper is going to destroy HealthCare, revoke welfare benefits, deploy Canadian soldiers at the beck and call of the White House, and spend billions and billions of dollars on programs that are guaranteed to destroy the social fabric of Canada?

A.   the CBC
B.   the Toronto Star
C.   the Globe and Mail
D.   the Liberal Party of Canada
E.   All of the Above

The Conservative Party of Canada has done a piss poor job of selling themselves and their leader, so the Liberals have managed to influence public opinion by lying.
Now that the greater mass of the electorate believe the Liberal bullshit about "hidden agendas" and other crap, the Conservative's job of talking up their leader has become 10 times more difficult. Every time there is the slightest fuck-up at one of the thousands of BBQs they have planned for Stephen to attend this summer, you can bet there will be a CBC camera crew at the ready to document every seedy detail.

Also, these BBQ stories will have larger headlines, and double the space of any story about Gomery or how deep in shit Paul Martin is .

By the way, the answer is "E", and if you answered correctly, you are in the minority.