Monday, June 05, 2006

Muslims, Bombs, Toronto and Denial

What a load of bullshit...

From the CTV

TORONTO -- Canadians must understand that an alleged plan to launch a terrorist attack in Ontario wasn't engineered by Muslims, but instead was a plot by people who happened to be Muslim, experts, politicians and community leaders said Monday.

Nothing to see here folks, move along now, because as anyone can plainly see the plan "wasn't engineered by Muslims" but by "people who happened to be Muslim".

Anybody with a Grade 6 education would be able to parse this paragraph, and correctly determine that:
         The plan was conceived by Muslims, who happened to be Muslims

All you have to do now, is deny, deny, deny.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Siesta's over

Just when I thought I could get back into blogging, my life got complicated.

I think I'm back...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My prayers have been answered

I would have preferred that he be run over by a bus, or been caught DWI during a RIDE stop, but the main thing is, I'll never be visually and aurally assaulted by this loser again.

I'm Scottish, but I think I would still hate this guy if he was pretending to be Ukrainian.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver - Big City Liberals

There has been a lot of buzz and chatter about how the Liberals managed to retain most of their seats in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, despite the extreme levels of arrogance, incompetence, and corruption that so completely described the last 13 years of Liberal rule.

Having lived in all 3 of these cities, my opinion on this strange occurence is based on my own perception of the people I rubbed shoulders with each day on my way to work. I have many friends in these cities but, these places are lousy with communists, welfare cheats, homosexuals, gang bangers, drug abusers, homeless people, and a wide assortment of the perpetually enraged. All of these fringe dwellers/nutbars have the right to vote, and not surprisingly they tend to congregate in the larger cities as opposed to hanging around the street corners of their home town and taking their chances with the local boys.

Alas, my opinion is likely to be derided as homophobic, or homeless-ophobic, or gang-ophobic... you get the picture.

But, I happened to stumble upon a column by David Frum (dated a full 13 days before the election) who manages to agree with my take, albeit from a different angle, and with less vitriol.

The Martin Liberals are the party of downtown Canada. They are the party of downtown values and downtown interests. And they are adamantly determined to impose those values and those interests on the rest of the country. That fact undergirds all their talk about "the Charter" and "Charter rights." Just as they refused to respect the democratic process in Quebec, so they do not respect the democratic process when it comes to fundamental questions of faith, family and society.

Downtown values don't go over well in small town Canada. "Small Town" Canada meaning people who go to work, pay their taxes, and play by the rules.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Paul Martin's Dithering - Explained

Whenever PMPM is in front of the cameras, his level of ditheration is dependant on his topic.

When he attacks the Conservatives in general, or Stephen Harper in particular, he NEVER stutters. But, whenever he is faced with the simplest of questions about his own party's policies, he turns into a blithering, stuttering wreck.

Clearly, this represents a fundamental flaw in his ability to present a cogent argument without a teleprompter.

(hat-tip to RightJab's Girlfriend)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Who's the idiot who approved these ads? ..... Oops!

From the CBC we get this little gem

On Wednesday night, Liberal incumbent Keith Martin apologized at an all-candidates debate in the Victoria suburb of Colwood. He told the crowd the ad was a gross error that does not represent the Liberals' view of the military.

He said the ad was one of a series of 12 and it should never have been released.

"Some idiot went and sent it out with the other 11 ads, and it was never sanctioned by the party, never approved, and we are completely appalled that this went out. We apologize to the men and women in the uniform," he said.

And then we have this from the CTV:

"In an interview Thursday morning on CTV's Canada AM, Martin said he approved every one of the harshly critical ads -- including one that suggested the Tory Leader would use the military to occupy Canadian cities."

Did Keith Martin just call Paul Martin an idiot? I don't remember Keith being that critical of the Liberals when he was with the Reform party.

What fun!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Liberal Attack against the Canadian Forces - WITHDRAWN

As some of the people who visit this blog may know, I am a 25 year veteran of the Canadian Forces.

As such, my opinion of the Liberal party is somewhat coloured from being at various times during my career, described by my own government in national newspapers and the CBC, as illiterate, a racist, a neanderthal, a loose cannon, a serial wife beater and worse whenever the mood suited them. I have also been touted as a boy scout with a blue hat, and a poor unfortunate soul not capable of making decisions for myself, and a recipient of Welfare.

None of these slurs, attacks and depictions accurately described me or my peers.

Over 25 years, I endured an almost daily onslaught from the national media, but the recent Liberal Attack Ad (which has been hastily withdrawn mere hours after it was posted on the Liberal Party website) is possibly the last straw.

I am too upset, angry, and disappointed to comment further, so I submit the following post from ProudToBeCanadian

Liberal attack ad WITHDRAWN. Totally and blatently misleading? (sic)

I suspect that after 12 or more years of lying to Canadians and trying in vain to fool them into voting Liberal and fooling and scaring them into being frightened of that scary Stephen Harper and millions of conservatives across our Canada, the Liberals and their liberal-friendly ad firms are now more scared of themselves than anything.

And so they should be. And so we all should be.

In yet another sign of their horrendous panic, they have withdrawn, without explanation, one of their series of 12 new negative attack ads aimed at freaking Canadians out and into voting Liberal. (Freaking Canadians out is clearly the only way Liberals feel they can win).

It’s off their web site now. But not ours!

Click to watch Watch it here!

The ad’s implications are horrendous. Not only is it completely and utterly misleading, it shows YOU, Canadian, what they think of you!

They think YOU’RE utterly stupid.

And they feel as though they must FREAK CANADIANS OUT in order to garner their vote.

This is a party in abject desperation and a campaign in complete disarray.

Here’s a comment I grabbed out of the comments section by one of our regular readers and blog commenters named “odie441”:

I just watched that Liberal ad on CTV with regard to the military. I am one pissed off soldier. I have worn the uniform of my country for 21 years and I defend Canadian democracy every day I put on my uniform. I am sure all the political pundits think it is a cute attack ad but I do not! Right now soldiers are in Afghanistan fighting for the freedom of the Afghan people, extending Canadian values, helping oppressed people, and the Liberals are portraying our military, MY military as people who will go into the cities and suppress freedom. This is utter BS and I didn’t think even the Liberals could sink so low. It is disgusting to even hint that our honourable men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces would suppress freedom in our great democracy. I would gladly give my life to defend my country and our democracy, a great many men and women have. It is obvious the Liberals do not respect those who serve in Canada’s military. I am one disgusted soldier right now. Many of my brethren are turning in their graves because of the negative light the Liberals are portraying the Canadian military in just to score political points!

Well done odie441, just call me RightJab411

Leader's Debate - 10 Jan 2006

I'm sitting here watching the Leader's Debate on CPAC (in English), and I'm slowly getting angrier and angrier. Not because of what Stephen Harper and the 3 stooges are saying, but by the quality of the translation.

As far as I am concerned, the guy who is translating for Stephen Harper should be shot with a ball of his own shit.

But hey, that's just me.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Paul Martin, CSL, the Great Lakes, and your tax dollars at work

Well isn't this special?

Canada Steamship Lines polluted the Great Lakes by illegally dumping tonnes of ore pellets when no one was looking, and now Paul Martin has pledged to clean it up with 1 billion dollars of your money.

Sorry, but the only response I can come up with is.... WTF??

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Child Care - Future Liberal Boondoggle

Child Care is a good thing. However like anything else, some types are better than others.

The Liberals believe, and want you to believe as well, that their plan to spend 5 billion dollars on child care for the next 5 years, increasing to 6 billion for the next 5 years untill 2015 is the best option. Let's see, that works out to 1 billion per year till 2010, then 1.2 billion per year till 2015. According to Stats Can, there are a little over 1.5 million kids under the age of 4 in Canada, that means that Paul Martin and Ken Dryden will at the very most, be spending a whopping $667.00 per child, per year.

The Conservative plan is to give the parents of each child under the age of 6, $1200.00 per year. When you multiply this by 1.5 million kids you get 1.8 billion dollars. Drag this out to the year 2015 like the Liberals did, and you get 18 billion dollars vs the Liberals 11 billion.

The Liberals have the gall to ask you how much Child Care you can buy for a lousy 1200 bucks, when they are only planning on spending $667 with their program. It looks to me like you can get almost twice as much, but my math skills may be off.

The Liberal solution doesn't make any sense to me. After all, these are the the same people who insist they know more about Health Care and Gun Control than anyone else. I wouldn't be surprised if the first 2 billion dollars of their Child Care plan went into designing a registry of all the kids in the program, and in salaries and wages for the teams of data entry clerks and database administrators to handle the waiting lists.

The Liberals clearly don't trust you with your own money, as shown by their "Beer and Popcorn" mentality. They arrogantly believe that they know what's best for your kids. They believe that if you were given a cheque for $1200.00 you probably wouldn't spend it in any of their pet schemes, and they'd be right. So the only thing they can do to ensure the survival of one of their projects is to take the option of choice away from you.

Personally, I would rather have 1.8 billion dollars poured back into the economy by parents buying whatever they require for the safety, comfort, care and education of their children, than have the Liberals spend 1.2 billion dollars of hard earned tax-payer's money on a project with questionable beneficiaries.

In a couple of years, after the Auditor General has had a look at this program, will we be calling it TotScam?


Happy New Year

To all the conservatives and Conservatives who might happen this way, I wish you every success in the new year. To any Liberals who may be reading this, I also wish you success and prosperity, starting on the 24th of January, or later.

I'd like to make some predictions on 2006, but I will defer to Mark Steyn because he's MUCH better at it.

From The National Review, Mark Steyn's predictions for 2006:

Hollywood will have another bad year following the failure of its latest critically-acclaimed masterpiece. In Broke Bank Mountin', the entire movie industry is flying in a jet to New York when a terrorist stewardess announces she's crushing their dissent by crashing the plane into the Empire State Building. Fortunately, an unemployed giant gorilla from Animal Equity is rampaging around at the top of the tower after his film career tanked when he agreed to take a challenging role in which he played the world's first gay giant gorilla and answers a personal ad in the Village Voice from a plus-sized bear. The enraged ape reaches into the sky and picks up the plane, sending the terrorist stewardess tumbling to the back of coach, where her wig falls off and she's revealed to be Dick Cheney. Industry insiders will be taken aback by the $300-million multi-Oscar-nominated flop but have high hopes for the new Spielberg movie Cycle Of Violence starring Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet as Israeli and Palestinian unicyclists who elope after the Cirque du Soleil opening ceremony at the Italian Olympics.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Liberal Party of Canada - Election 2006

Given that the current polls suggest that 36% of Canadians still support the Liberal Party, could this mean that the depth and breadth of Liberal Party corruption has not been fully uncovered? And, in fact, only the tip of the proverbial iceberg has been drawn into the spotlight by Auditor General Sheila Fraser and the subsequent Gomery enquiry?

Could it possibly mean that the web of deceit and corruption goes far, far beyond the backroom dealings with the likes of GroupAction, Earnscliffe et al, and in fact there are many more as yet unnamed and undiscovered people who stand to lose a lot of money if the Liberal party is defeated?

I'm not usually given to conspiracy theories, but how could anyone in their right mind continue to support a party that has inflicted as much damage to the country as the Liberals have? How could anyone, with a straight face, proclaim that the Liberals are the preferred choice to lead Canada away from corruption, away from over-taxation, and away from the Democratic Deficit that has plagued Canadian politics for atleast the last 12 years, unless they stood to gain monetarily?

Could it possibly mean that when the polls report that 36% of the respondents support the Liberals, what it really means is that 36% of the respondents are either criminals or hopeless illiterates?

I hope not.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Election 2005

Having lived in this country for almost 40 years and having not even once been invited by Decima, Ipsos, Environics or the CBC to participate in any kind of poll whatsoever, I am naturally suspicious of the recent polls which gleefully maintain that the Liberals have a resounding lead over the Conservative Party of Canada.

I'd love to be able to convey my thoughts, feelings and assorted anecdotes to a poll taker, but I've never met one.

I consider myself to be a slightly above-average kinda guy with simple pleasures, and a deep distrust for Liberals given their historic record. Can it be that as much as I consider the poll-taker to be the rarest of the human species, that it could possibly be me and others like me that are the rarities?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Stephen Harper's image

Inspired by a National Post story

Who is responsible for making Canadians think that Stephen Harper is going to destroy HealthCare, revoke welfare benefits, deploy Canadian soldiers at the beck and call of the White House, and spend billions and billions of dollars on programs that are guaranteed to destroy the social fabric of Canada?

A.   the CBC
B.   the Toronto Star
C.   the Globe and Mail
D.   the Liberal Party of Canada
E.   All of the Above

The Conservative Party of Canada has done a piss poor job of selling themselves and their leader, so the Liberals have managed to influence public opinion by lying.
Now that the greater mass of the electorate believe the Liberal bullshit about "hidden agendas" and other crap, the Conservative's job of talking up their leader has become 10 times more difficult. Every time there is the slightest fuck-up at one of the thousands of BBQs they have planned for Stephen to attend this summer, you can bet there will be a CBC camera crew at the ready to document every seedy detail.

Also, these BBQ stories will have larger headlines, and double the space of any story about Gomery or how deep in shit Paul Martin is .

By the way, the answer is "E", and if you answered correctly, you are in the minority.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Where the hell has RightJab been?

Ever since I retired from the Canadian Armed Forces, I have been trying very hard to live the life of pensioned luxury that I always dreamed would immediately follow my retirement. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that unless I was willing to live in a tent, cook my meals on a coleman stove, and limit myself to only very occasional use of my car and motorcycle, my dreams of a carefree lifestyle would have to wait.

In fact, the stress free life that I tried so hard to live, was extremely stressful.

So, I have accepted a management position at the airport, and since then, I have been totally immersed in my work.

Although I have been negligent in the care and feeding of this blog, I avow to once again resume the sporadic postings that this blog has been famous for.

Things have changed since my last post, so please allow me to catch up....

1.   Paul Martin and Bono are in the midst of a trial separation.
2.   With Bono out of the picture, Paul has rebounded into the arms ofJack Layton, who, quite hilariously accuses the Conservatives of sleeping around.
3.   This guy called Gomery has really pissed off the Liberals who were hoping that nobody would notice that they were a bunch of thieving, lying, fraudulent, scumbags.
4.   Steve Harper is rallying his troops to bring the Liberal party down as soon as possible. But, since Paul Martin has bought the support of Canada's Socialist party with 4.6 billion dollars of your money, the only way this can come about is if Harper makes a temporary deal with the Separatists. Please note that unlike the Liberal deal with the Marxists, which will cost 4.6 BILLION, the deal the conservatives will have to make with the Bloc will end up saving 4.6 billion dollars of your money.

Looking at this simply from a battered taxpayer point of view, I'm throwing my support behind Harper.